Is It Enough To Recognise Your Employees With Awards?

Everyone knows that you can recognise your employees and their efforts by keeping them motivated, happy, and enthusiastic. This recognition usually comes in the form of a company’s Annual or Semi-Annual award ceremony. Giving an award to an employee is one of the best ways to recognise their work. Few things beat the feeling of getting an award in front of everyone.

But how many days does it take to lose that feeling? A day? A week? Maybe a month?

What happens after?

acknowledgement for employees in organisations

Let’s talk about another problem with this approach.

You can’t give an award to everyone in the company

So what about the other employees? They may feel proud of seeing their senior get an award but the feeling becomes more conflicted when seeing their colleague receive an award. Here’s a famous quote from the popular movie 3 Idiots:

We learnt something about human behaviour that day, It feels bad when a friend fails, but it feels even worse when he comes first.

Although it’s embarrassing to admit, it’s true. People get disappointed when seeing their colleague receive an award, without considering the hard work and effort put in by them.

So what are the options? How can a company keep employee motivation high?

By saying “Thank You”

The value of an award is not just the reward, it’s what the award represents. A “Thank You” from a peer or from a manager provides a similar feeling.

‘Thank You’s need to be encouraged within the company

Here’s an email I received from my senior manager:

recognise employees at work

After reading this mail I smiled and thought “I am not wasting my energy here. People are noticing the efforts I am putting into my work.”

This is what a single email can do for your employee. It shows that they matter and it’s not during Appraisals or Awards where their work is evaluated.

Let me show you another example here:

Employee engagement and interactions

In this example, people at workplace are recognising their peers for their efforts and support. This type of recognition improves both the motivation of the employee and increases team spirit. It encourages everyone to appreciate the efforts of their colleagues.

It also helps to create an environment where peers recognise each other in a non-competitive manner and the momentum is kept up at the workplace for business.

Best way to recognise your employees

If you feel that recognising your employees is important and you’d like a tool to help make it happen, we want to introduce you to peopleHum.

peopleHum is a platform where you can recognise employees at the organisation level, similar to a Wall of Fame where you can display their tremendous efforts and contribution. The module acknowledges 360-degree recognitions because anyone can appreciate good work. An unexpected recognition or positive feedback increases an employee’s motivation to perform actions that go above-and-beyond their normal responsibilities and tasks.

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