What’s The Scope of Artificial Intelligence in the future for Human Resources? AI in HR | Part 3

Business leaders see tremendous promise in AI and what it can bring to the future of their companies. For example, freeing employees from redundant tasks so they can do more productive work, and hire people into jobs that are right for them. It gives a sense of freedom and liberation to focus on tasks that add value. Moreover, the dedication with which AI professionals and enthusiasts talk about automation technology is phenomenal.

role of technology in HR

As we move forward with AI in HR, we are looking at major AI-influenced changes transforming HR. People are becoming more and more technology savvy. Teams are looking at implementing several HR tools and systems that automate repetitive tasks.

What AI & technology have in store for the future of HR

More strategic and less mundane tasks

HR technology, in the early 2000s, was only improving efficiency and driving cost-savings by automating repetitive tasks. Today, smarter technologies are enabling HR teams to-

  1. Solve critical business challenges
  2. Drive exponential performance improvements, and
  3. Leave an impact with larger business outcomes and profitability

Therefore, AI is fueling HR’s transition from automating dull and mundane administrative tasks to managing more strategic and mission-critical responsibilities.

Creative and intriguing responsibilities

With the coming of AI in the picture, we will shift towards an innovative, and creative approach to new roles and responsibilities. For example, employee engagement has always been and will always be the topmost priority of an organisation. AI will automate mundane tasks and give more free time to the HR to devise creative, engaging, and encouraging activities which employees will look forward to participating in.

technology will transform the way HR professionals work today

As a result, we will have to upgrade ourselves and become masters of non-automated activities.

Easy and quick access to information

A recent survey by ServiceNow revealed that 30% of employees want a “Google-like” option to easily get the help and information they need at work. Voice technology has taken common households by storm. The increasing popularity of Alexa, Google Home, and Siri are enough to support the thought without actually having to check data. Therefore, voice assistance in the workplace is also a key consideration.

Beyond these considerations, an effective solution must be mobile, personal and provide the employee with options in terms of how they wish to engage and be supported.

Advanced insights & better output

Collecting meaningful insights, understanding employee intentions and creating a workflow according to it, is crucial for improving employee engagement. Therefore, NLU systems and deep learning algorithms will help in entity extraction and sentence semantic analysis so that companies can design a modulation for engaging employees better.

HR technology has made real-time data available to businesses. HR technology tools such as Pulse Surveys and others ensure that managers are able to understand what their team members are going through daily.

HR technology

Some HR professionals aren’t quite sure about this new technology, perhaps because they belong to the late majority constituting 34% of the population. However, the increasing demand and popularity will help them gain more confidence and treat it as an opportunity to improve the workforce culture.

Collaboration, teamwork & progress

Lastly, companies become successful when they focus on creating a collaborative workspace where there is no room for hierarchy, bias, or inconsistency. Although technology will help improve and speed up HR processes, human intervention is still necessary to build ideas, campaigns and reach out to customers as real people who care for their needs. No doubt, AI and data will act as valuable company assets. Similarly, AI will help HR managers and leaders have more time to invest in their teams and bring great ideas on the table.

how will technology help HR


Surely, AI is going to initiate huge advancements in business operations and everyday activities. It will definitely bring in several changes in the workplace. AI-driven activities and automation will totally transform the way we conduct usual tasks and daily assignments. Who knows, we may witness self-service kiosks for employees. It will include self generate joining letters, pay slips, form 16, etc., for faster process completion and convenience.

Therefore, we don’t have to worry about going redundant or machines taking over our jobs. They are just a helping hand for HR managers to focus on what’s more important and value-generating. All we have to do is upskil ourselves and take on fresh responsibilities.

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