Future Essentials 7 – Navigating all the buzz

So what really is all the buzz about?

No, it’s not a field of your favourite buzz- in this context, it is a field of buzzwords.

We are inundated with them as the consulting industry steps up its game in these times of rapid change by producing more buzzwords than change really demands. If you grew up believing that there is more power in words than the sword, look no further than the consulting bandwagon in its mastery of stringing together a couple of words that invoke so much passion and emotions in humans – mostly groans lately.

what is all the buzz

So how do we tackle and see the buzzfield? Came up with this interesting visual that explains the framework to view all the buzz around.

I said the framework again! Damn, too much of an analytical bent, MBA cool-aid and working with people who believe solely in numbers, does that to you. You want to put a framework around everything. It’s like you are viewing the world through the lens of a framework. You can’t understand modern art but need definition, purpose, and form with every painting you see.

Background in engineering and business? Old habits, words, and associations die hard? Consulting overhang? Who cares. Framework it is and so be it, shamelessly and unapologetically. Or there can be a radical shift.

So here goes for my over-analytical, consulting, management, business, technocrat, entrepreneurial, or better summarised as – In God we trust, everyone else gets data to the table, and it better be in the form of a recommendation and a solutions framework –  peers, friends, and associates. Where are we and what is the line of sight future – all put together with buzzwords. Enough to give you a buzz trying to get a sense of all that is going on.

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