HR Automation is the gate to HR transformation


HR automation is the gate to HR transformation using artificial intelligence and machine learning tools. HR automation in organisations is complemented by the rise of big data and social connectivity. With concepts like video resumes, digital resumes, learnability driving HR transformation, traditional HR practices have taken a back seat.

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To automate or not to automate?
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So, why should you hop on board with HR Automation?

To begin with, HR automation is a source of competitive edge, say 3 out of 5 HR professionals. The early adopters, worldwide organisations and bigger organisations, have successfully increased their efficiency by leveraging the power of HR Automation. On the other hand, many HR functions are still done manually by the majority of small and medium organisations. 

If you want to increase your employee engagement and productivity, clear plans need to be laid out for the same. This is possible only when HR professionals are free from performing repetitive and mundane tasks. HR automation frees up time for planning high-value activities, creating talent experiences and building talent strategies. 

Train people well enough that they can leave; treat them well enough so that they don’t want to.

Richard Branson.

Impact of HR Automation

Today’s organisations and the organisations of the future have a tendency to do fast-paced business and hence require strategies that are consistent but agile. These processes need to be able to adapt quickly to changing business priorities. 

Providing an understanding of the corporate vision and having a clear goal-setting process will help employees correlate their work and contributions to the larger picture. It is difficult to achieve goal alignment with so many moving pieces, this is where automated performance management systems can be of help. They enable managers to communicate more effectively and align goals across the organisation and improve employee efficiency.

Mentioned below are a few ways which you can benefit by automating your HR processes

Effective goal setting 

With automation, you can simplify existing complex processes or create entirely new and more effective goal setting processes. The best HR platforms come with functions that allow you to bot set goals and track their progress. This can be a great relief for managers and employees. They can set specific strategies with measurable goals that align to the company’s vision and mission.

With HR automation, employees and managers can be automatically reminded of goals to meet at relevant times helping keep the performance management process on track.  

Boost collaboration

When you eliminate redundant efforts, HR can concentrate on developing strategies for inter-department collaborations and focus on teams achieving their strategic objectives faster. Coupled with features like peer recognition and 360-degree feedback, a boost in company-wide collaborative efforts will definitely drive employee performance and provide a platform for nurturing talent.

More productive employees

When you automate HR using HR platforms, you get dedicated tools that help managers gauge employee performance with respect to their assigned goals in a more effective and realtime manner.

This enables managers to have a deeper insight into the ways that each employee performs and allows for accurate feedback. In other words, automation helps managers give insightful feedback to employees and improve their future performance.

Quick, agile and continuous feedback

Millennials are transitioning into important roles in the business landscape all over the world. The new-age employees and managers both crave proactive feedback. HR automation platforms allow you to shake off the old, irrelevant and jaded annual appraisal system. It is neither accurate nor suited for the fast-paced businesses of today let alone the millennial crowd.

Employees themselves crave for agile and continuous feedback for every task completed. It helps them correlate their efforts with the results that the business is trying to achieve and providing such feedback keeps them engaged and motivated.

Talent management powered by data analytics

When you make decisions, what is your driving factor? Emotional bias or data? If you are still making decisions based on emotional bias, you are living in the past. Ask any HR professional, they get new strategies cleared and processes approved by showing the ROI and not asking the company to follow their gut. Data-driven decisions have a greater rate of success and hence attach more value to your approach. HR platforms come with tools to measure everything, be it talent management, engagement or performance. It helps HR professionals come up with rewarding strategies and manage talent better.

Lets talk numbers and HR Automation

Building an organisation with low turnover and good retention rates is the number one concern of HR departments all over. HR automation is the most effective way to reduce costs while increasing productivity. If you are still not convinced that HR automation is the gate to HR transformation, here are some numbers that might help put things in perspective. (Also, who doesn’t love numbers?) 

  1. Employee turnover costs are increasing. Organisations spend one-third of the employee’s annual salary recruiting the replacement for every employee that leaves,
  2. Diversity is in, we mean really in. It’s just not a trait of international companies anymore. Almost 80% of organisations are actively prioritising diversity in the workforce to improve work culture. HR platforms in recruitment can get rid of any bias.
  3. Redesigning the performance management is of the highest priority across all companies. 79% of managers believe that incorporating continuous feedback, employee-driven communication, and features like goal setting and tracking should be part of the new strategy.
  4. Over 85% of employees around the world feel disengaged at work and that’s just poor employee engagement. HR Automation Is Transforming Workforce Management To Improve Engagement And Work Culture.


The HR functions of the future are going to be much more complex than what we have seen before. HR automation is the gate to HR transformation, the sooner you realise this, the longer you have to get an HR platform that suits your organisational needs. With so many new platforms coming out recently, it gets hard to choose. peopleHum is one such platform that allows your business to get ready for the future of work and industry peers at the CODiE Awards 2019 believe so too. So, what are you waiting for? Check out all the exciting features it offers and schedule a demo today by signing up today – yes, of course, it’s free to try!