The company culture at peopleHum.


peopleHum is a cloud-based Human Capital Management(HCM) platform, one of the SaaS products developed by Coviam Technologies. Being the people who built an award-winning HR platform, we wanted to take a look at the practices we follow and how the workplace and work culture influence our work.

The Workspace

Like any tech startup now, we are a millennial majority workforce. The workspace, to begin with, reflects the open-office culture with open floor plans. There are informal spaces on every floor for casual meetings and knowledge transfer sessions. Our HR team is constantly welcoming new candidates that come to interview for open positions at our dynamic organisation. You can take a sneak peek of our office culture here.

Recruiting with peopleHum

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Hire Right

Since we are talking about interviews and recruitment, yes, we use peopleHum to the greatest extent possible. Recruitment is like the first appraisal if you think about it. You are making a  decision on how much is the ROI for every employee you hire. Both in terms of business productivity, and also the work culture attached to individuals. 

Finding candidates who are most likely to be a good culture fit for our organisation is significantly easier with peopleHum. Scheduling and following up with candidates from different hiring channels is a breeze for our recruiters. 

Talking Strategies

As far as our recruitment strategy is concerned, it’s fairly simple. At Coviam, we believe a learning attitude coupled with a positive persona makes people employable. Skills can be learned. We value employee inputs, no matter what their official title, interns, associates or executives. Appreciations are both given and received company-wide, based on their contribution, involvement, and dedication towards learning. So, our strategy hinges on being able to gauge the value every candidate adds to our company culture. 

Mentoring Culture at peopleHum

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Engage right.

All our employees are free to choose mentors they would like to learn from. Collaborative efforts are encouraged company-wide. We encourage all our employees to pick out courses for skills they want to learn and facilitate training through online learning platforms. Interns and employees alike make the most of this opportunity.

For instance, a group of dedicated interns came up with the idea for an app and the company invested in, developed and successfully launched the app. Innovative ways for performing tasks are welcome and appreciated. 

Our mentoring and collaborative culture starts from the very top and is visible throughout the office. It has helped maintain a healthy rate of employee engagement. Our work in itself is innovative and continually challenging. This offers the millennial workforce a purpose, and also, deadlines to meet. 

peopleHum Leadership Meetings

The company’s leaders meet every week like clockwork to understand the progress and hurdles for the week. It is this careful coordination and planning that makes us the agile workforce we are. 

Just coming up with a strategy does not help any organisation, it needs to be effectively implemented across the whole organisation. This is possible when you eliminate any miscommunication and have a face to face conversation with fellow leaders. Discussions like these are also helpful to gain perspective on issues hindering performance and productivity. 

The leadership makes it a point to always be accessible to every employee and encourage direct interactions to create a great platform for mentoring. 

The employees also participate in various group activities and everyone has their favorite activities to do, be it a social club, fun club or sports club. This builds and strengthens internal communication and also facilitates better collaboration between teams.

Work Culture at peopleHum

“We have built a modern work culture with no rules, processes or biases right from the first day. Our leaders are the most down to earth beings in the whole company, you can just talk to them without hesitation or doubt. It’s the most autonomous work culture I have been a part of and I have been part of a few in my 14 years as an HR professional”

Payal Singh, CPO, COVIAM Technologies

The flexible work schedule is a perk associated with the global nature of our business operations. Our employees have access to the peopleHum self-service portal for scheduling WHF(Work From Home) to achieve a life-work balance. 

We do not track sick leaves- by principle and trust our employees to be accountable for their performance. 

Of course, we have a fully stocked pantry with exotic teas and all the butter you can eat. That is if you want to skip the regularly served meals. But, what keeps our employees engaged, is the modern work culture that we are trying to build and maintain. 

When you understand what your employees keep close to their hearts, you can build an engagement strategy that is tailor-made for your organisation. 


In conclusion, using peopleHum for HR automation has helped free up our HR teams to concentrate on creating experiences that make us more productive and consistent. Our HR platform comes with many tools that help all aspects of hiring, engaging and nurturing employees. Sign up on our platform today and try it out for free. Schedule a demo to help realise the full potential of peopelHum. We have other interesting blogs on talent management, employee engagement, millennial employees and HR tech, be sure to check them out too.